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The website of voice actor, sound designer, audio producer and composer Jeff Clement. High-quality voice over, audio production and original music.
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It’s what I do.

Voice acting, sound mixing, sound design, audio production & music.
Can you tell I love audio yet?

Voice Acting

I am an experienced voice-over artist, having worked on large and small productions in podcasting, film, television, commercials and online media. I also run my own YouTube channel that features dramatic readings of short stories and monologues.

Audio Production

I specialize in working with sound effects and ambiance to give productions a living, breathing space to inhabit. I call my unique take on audio based storytelling “cinematic immersion”. Then it’s on to editing, mixing and mastering to create high quality, well-mixed audio that sounds great.

Music Composition

Part of any high quality audio production is music that fits the right mood and tone. I compose my own custom music tailored to the story being told, be it a song, an audio fiction drama or something part of a larger media production.


With more than 8 years of experience in the field, I’ve worked on some pretty cool stuff.
Jeff Clement

Hi, I’m Jeff.

Learn more about the man behind the curtain.

Voice actor, musician, sound designer, audio producer, graphic designer, video editor, web developer. From YouTube to podcasting, voice-overs to short film scores, working with digital audio is my passion.