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Jeff Clement 🔊

Just helped a media student from Malta who enjoyed my vocals on CRUX's "Smiling Man" with a small narration for his class project. What a time to be alive when stuff like this can even happen.


This April marks 5 years since I started my YouTube channel and my audio "career" began. I met the love of my life Violet doing it, I've made good friends, reached thousands of listeners, and been on many projects with great teams of talented people.

This is the very first video I posted to my channel five years ago as an experiment in audio after discovering there were people who shared recordings of themselves reading short stories. I didn't know shows like the NoSleep Podcast even existed at the time! All I knew was once upon a time there were audio dramas on the radio that featured actors and sound design and that in my childhood there were records and tapes of sound effects.

That I could combine the two using the various technology and skills I had accumulated over the years came as a bit of a personal revelation, silly as that sounds. Such was the power of YouTube to me: it showed me that things that had been available only to professionals in the industry were now democratized and accessible to anyone with the curiosity to try it for themselves. All you needed was a microphone, a computer and a platform to share what you created.

Never in a million years did I think I'd be a voice actor or a composer, that I'd collaborate with people whose work I admired across the digital space, or that I'd become a producer on a popular podcast. I'm very grateful and thankful for this journey.