I’m joining The NoSleep Pocast!

I’m joining The NoSleep Pocast!

I’m very excited to announce that I’ve been brought on as a producer for the Parsec Award winning NoSleep Podcast! I’ll be working alonside showrunner David Cummings and with his cast of talented voice actors to create the high-quality frightening tales you’ve come to love from the series. I’ll also be featured in upcoming stories in both character and narrator roles.

For those who don’t know, the NoSleep Podcast is a horror audio fiction show that has enjoyed wild success and critical acclaim since its inception. It has recently had the esteem of breaking into the US Top 100 Pocasts ranking, making it one of the best ranked podcasts out of tens of thousands in all categories.

If you don’t already, please be sure to subscribe to the NoSleep Podcast in the iTunes Store and leave a review. You can also purchase season passes to unlock even more horror.

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