New Music for CTFDN’s “Tombstoning”

New Music for CTFDN’s “Tombstoning”

I got to participate in Chilling Tales For Dark Nights’ production of “Tombstoning” by the itch. Specifically, I composed the into and outro score. The score is quiet and subdued, with a hint of dread. You can listen below!

The instrumentation consists mainly of glockenspiel, harp and some light dulcitone. I love the sound of the dulcitone. It’s so otherworldly. I think I might use it more in the future. Like most of my orchestral instruments, the ones used in this production come courtesy of ProjectSAM Symphobia 2 for the strings and keys and EastWest/Quantum Leap Colossus for the underlying synth pad.

What’s neat about this production is it includes a guest narration by YouTuber HarshlyCritical, otherwise known as John Wolfe. John’s got a great voice for storytelling. He’s chill and relaxed, his pacing is good and he knows how to modulate his voice well.

I had a bit part at the very beginning as well as my good friends Andrea Rose (LadyNarration) and fellow CTFDN Executive Producer Jesse Cornett.

The production aspect was handled by one our newest producers, Luke Hodgkinson. Luke hails all the way from Chester, England. He’s a great audio producer and a very welcome addition to the team.