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“The Smiling Man” by blue_tidal

A classic creepypasta tale about a strange encounter on a dark, isolated street with a person who only can be described as “the smiling man”.


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Fight Club (1999) – The Tyler Durden Monologues

A selection of some of my favorite Tyler Durden monologues from one of my favorite Fincher movies, Fight Club.

Narration, sound design and music by Jeff Clement.

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Nine Inch Nails – Only (Stimulation Mix)

I found this old mix of mine and decided to dust it off and give it a bit of a shine.

Writing and performance: Trent Reznor
Production: Trent Reznor, Alan Moulder
Programming and additional production: Atticus Ross
Mix: Alan Moulder

Remixed by Jeff Clement

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Jaws (1975) – Quint’s Indianapolis Monologue

Now I’m no Robert Shaw, but I’ve always loved Quint’s monologue from Jaws where he recounts the horrors that awaited the survivors of the wreck of the Indianapolis. It’s chilling, haunting and sad all at once. So I thought I’d give it a go, just for fun.

Also note, I’m not trying to be Shaw. It’s a take on the character, not Shaw’s performance.

Narration and sound design by Jeff Clement.

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