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“Dust” by Cameron Suey (Josef K.)

In the windswept solitude of the Dust Bowl a dark, churning storm slowly creeps across the sky and a horse and rider appear on the horizon. Something’s wrong about that storm. Something’s out there, in the dust. When Eddie discovers the terrifying truth, all he can do is wait as the darkness descends.

SoundCloud listen/download:


Written by:
Cameron Suey –

Narration by:
Jeff Clement

Derek Jensen –

Additional voice work by:
Rob Caravaggio

Sound design by:
Jeff Clement

Music by:
Jeff Clement

Motion graphics by:
Teague Chrystie –

Special thanks:
Cameron Suey
Teague Chrystie
Derek Jensen
Rob Caravaggio
Tom Ellingsen community –

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Razors.Out (Cinematic Recut)

A cinematic recut of “Razors.Out” by Mike Shinoda and Joseph Trapanese.

When I first saw the original 2011 trailer for The Raid, it featured an original track by Mike Shinoda and Joseph Trapanese. That track later became the basis for the song “Razors.Out” (feat. Chino Moreno).

If you’re anything like me, while I really enjoyed hearing the new version of the tune mixed with Chino’s vocals, I came away a bit wanting as it had lost the trailer’s exciting orchestral crescendo. So, I thought I’d put it back in! I was also struck by the variation of the film’s main theme throughout the film and thought it would sound nice with each variant pieced together into an audio tapestry of sorts.

The bulk of this track is from “Razors.Out”, but the song also features pepperings of “Uncle Andi”, “Rama’s Family Dream” and “One Way Out” from The Raid: Redemption Original Motion Picture Score & Soundtrack, a sample from the ending music from the film itself and of course the original 2011 trailer music.

I call it a recut rather than a remix because it’s not drastically different from a song structure standpoint and the only additions I’ve added were from other parts of the film’s soundtrack to give the track a bit more of a cinematic flare. It’s more of an extended edition, really.

All music belongs to Mike Shinoda and Josph Trapanese and Sony Pictures Classics. This is a personal project purely for fun, so please don’t bulldoze my house!

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“I’m At Your Bedroom Window” by mayaxpapaya

A reading of “I’m At Your Bedroom Window”, a great little short story by mayaxpapaya from the NoSleep Subreddit.

My first published attempt at narration and sound design. There are plenty of let’s reads and narrations on YouTube and more than enough scary stories and creepypastas, but I thought I’d take a more cinematic approach to separate myself from the crowd a bit. Emphasis was placed on presentation, sound design and editing, and acting (such as it is).

Anyway, I just hope someone out there likes it. If you do and you’d like to hear more, let me know!

Special thanks goes to Susan Bondor, the very talented photographer whose image I used for the title card and who was very gracious when I contacted her out of the blue asking for her permission to feature it in my work. Many thanks, Susan.


Written by mayaxpapaya:

Music by music4tv:

Sound effects from:, and

Featuring photography by Susan Bondor – “The switch”:,

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