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“I’m At Your Bedroom Window” by mayaxpapaya

A reading of “I’m At Your Bedroom Window”, a great little short story by mayaxpapaya from the NoSleep Subreddit.

My first published attempt at narration and sound design. There are plenty of let’s reads and narrations on YouTube and more than enough scary stories and creepypastas, but I thought I’d take a more cinematic approach to separate myself from the crowd a bit. Emphasis was placed on presentation, sound design and editing, and acting (such as it is).

Anyway, I just hope someone out there likes it. If you do and you’d like to hear more, let me know!

Special thanks goes to Susan Bondor, the very talented photographer whose image I used for the title card and who was very gracious when I contacted her out of the blue asking for her permission to feature it in my work. Many thanks, Susan.


Written by mayaxpapaya:

Music by music4tv:

Sound effects from:, and

Featuring photography by Susan Bondor – “The switch”:,

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Depeche Mode – Enjoy The Silence (Cover by Jeff Clement)

One of my favorite songs from my absolute favorite album of all time.

All music and vocals recorded and performed by Jeff Clement.

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NoEnd House (Conclusion)

The concluding score to Chilling Tales for Dark Nights’ production of “NoEnd House”, narrated by Rob Dyke.

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The Rake (Conclusion)

The chilling conclusion to Chilling Tales for Dark Night’s production of the modern horror classic “The Rake”.

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