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The Piper’s Burden (Conclusion)

The concluding dark nursery rhyme to Chilling Tales for Dark Night’s production of “The Piper’s Burden” by Sakinah Jonas-Mawji.

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The Scarecrow Corpse (Conclusion)

The concluding music to Chilling Tales for Dark Night’s production of “The Scarecrow Corpse”, written by Kris Mallory and starring the one and only Markiplier!

This production marks the inaugural episode of the Chilling Tales for Dark Nights Guest Narrator Series.

Watch the full production here:

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Into The Void (feat. Taylor Jackson)

Written, composed and produced by Jeff Clement
Vocals by Taylor Jackson and Jeff Clement

Copyright © 2014 Jeff Clement (Aural Stimulation)

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Commando C64 Theme Rescore

A rescore (or cover) of Rob Hubbard’s classic theme for Commando on the Commodore 64. This might be my all time favorite C64 tune. I tried to stay as loyal as possible to the song’s structure, but I completely modernized the instrumentation and added some flares.

Have a listen here to hear the original track:

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