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Frozen Glory

My submission for the 2008 Hockey Night in Canada theme song competition. I didn’t win, but I still enjoyed making this track.

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Razors.Out (Cinematic Recut)

A recut of “Razors.Out” by Mike Shinoda & Joseph Trapanese.

When I first saw the original 2011 trailer for The Raid, it featured an original track by Mike Shinoda and Joseph Trapanese. That track later became the basis for the song “Razors.Out” (featuring Chino Moreno).

If you’re anything like me, while I really enjoyed hearing the new version of the theme mixed with Chino’s vocals, I came away a bit wanting as it had lost the trailer’s exciting orchestral crescendo. So, I thought I’d put it back in!

The bulk of this track is from “Razors.Out”, but the song also features pepperings of “Uncle Andi”, “Rama’s Family Dream” and “One Way Out” from The Raid: Redemption Original Motion Picture Score & Soundtrack, a sample from the ending music from the film itself and of course the original 2011 trailer music.

I call it a recut rather than a remix because it’s not drastically different from a song structure standpoint and the only additions I’ve added were from other parts of the film’s soundtrack to give the track a bit more of a cinematic flare. It’s more of an extended edition, really.

All music belongs to Mike Shinoda & Josph Trapanese and Sony Pictures Classics. This is a personal project purely for fun.

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