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“Violent Violin” by Kym Darkly (feat. Kym Darkly)

A husband calls on the ghost of the wife he murdered to return night after night to her beloved violin and play for him. One night, however, she’s had enough and decides to take the power back.

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Written by and used with exclusive permission from Kym Darkly:

Co-narration and role of Linn:
Kym Darkly –

Jeff Clement

Photo credit:
Edited & modified version of under CC Attribution ShareAlike License

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Playing the Game by Jeff Clement

Like “Perpetuate” this is an older song. This dates back to 2000 when I was a student in university. I had the opportunity to help score the student film “247 High Street” and this is the film’s main theme.

Everything about my skill level, setup, software and workflow has changed since back then, but I thought I’d share what some of my older material sounded like.

Written, composed and produced by Jeff Clement

Copyright © 2014 Jeff Clement (Aural Stimulation)

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