Real Hunger Can’t Be Fed - Jeff Clement - Voice actor, audio producer & digital music composer
The website of voice actor, sound designer, audio producer and composer Jeff Clement. High-quality voice over, audio production and original music.
voice acting, voice-overs, male, musician, audio production, sound design, narrations, creepypasta, horror, remixes, cover songs, YouTube, NoSleep Podcast, Chilling Tales for Dark Nights
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Real Hunger Can’t Be Fed


August 24, 2014

Audio Production, Music Composition, Voice Acting
About This Project

I play the Cowboy character in this tale by author H.K. Reyes about a young woman, abused by her preacher father, who decides to run away one night rather than bear another night of his brutality. While on the run, she comes across a cowboy with an unusual condition and begs him to infect her with his disease, in what is the start of a most dark and unlikely love story. I also did the sound mix, sound design and music. This is my favorite production to date.