“Dust” by Cameron Suey (Josef K.)

“Dust” by Cameron Suey (Josef K.)

In the windswept solitude of the Dust Bowl a dark, churning storm slowly creeps across the sky and a horse and rider appear on the horizon. Something’s wrong about that storm. Something’s out there, in the dust. When Eddie discovers the terrifying truth, all he can do is wait as the darkness descends.

SoundCloud listen/download: https://soundcloud.com/auralstimulation/dust


Written by:
Cameron Suey – http://thejosefkstories.com/2008/12/01/dust

Narration by:
Jeff Clement

Derek Jensen – http://www.zarban.com

Additional voice work by:
Rob Caravaggio

Sound design by:
Jeff Clement

Music by:
Jeff Clement

Motion graphics by:
Teague Chrystie – http://www.youtube.com/TeagueChrystie

Special thanks:
Cameron Suey
Teague Chrystie
Derek Jensen
Rob Caravaggio
Tom Ellingsen
Friendsinyourhead.com community – http://friendsinyourhead.com/forum