The White Vault - Jeff Clement - Voice actor, audio producer & digital music composer
The website of voice actor, sound designer, audio producer and composer Jeff Clement. High-quality voice over, audio production and original music.
voice acting, voice-overs, male, musician, audio production, sound design, narrations, creepypasta, horror, remixes, cover songs, YouTube, NoSleep Podcast, Chilling Tales for Dark Nights
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The White Vault

The White Vault
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I perform as Liam Bouchard in The White Vault: Summit

I produce the audio mix and mastering of The White Vault Episode 3.2 :: Piedra

Audio Production, Voice Acting
About This Project

The White Vault is a horror fiction audio drama podcast from Fool and Scholar Productions that features languages and voices from around the globe. It often showcases the found footage format, accurate depictions of modern archaeology, and isolation horror, brought to life by a full cast and detailed soundscape. Follow the collected records of a repair team sent to a remote arctic outpost and unravel what lies waiting in the ice below.